Training Materials

Outlined below are the aids and training programs developed by CNCI to assist Canadian nurseries in the certification process. 

Mandatory Workshop Training 
Participation in the Clean Plants (or DPCP) Workshop is mandatory to being certified in the Clean Plants program.  Although there are no more live workshops available, video training is available here. The training provides step-by-step instructions on the development and implementation of the Clean Plants domestic phytosanitary certification program and completion of the Certification Manual.


Compulsory Basic Training for Internal Auditors
The CNCI has developed a Clean Plants Internal Auditor Basic Training Package to satisfy the training requirement stated in Section 2.1.3 in the Standard.  The contents of this package include a brief overview document entitled “General Overview”, and a Power Point presentation entitled “Internal Audit Procedures” designed to provide step-by-step assistance in the audit process. 

Other Helpful Tools 

Commonly Asked Questions and Answers
The CNCI has compiled a list of questions and answers asked by nurseries during the training workshops offered in the fall of 2008.  These are real life questions dealing with the interpretation of various aspects of the Clean Plants (DPCP) Standard; their corresponding answers should clarify the specific requirements and/or the rationale behind these requirements.  This Q&A list will be updated periodically.
Practical Integrated Pest Management: A Framework for Pest Management in Nursery Crop Production
The production of plants which are practically free of pests is the ultimate objective of Clean Plants.  For nurseries that would like to increase their pest management knowledge, this manual offers information on common pests and diseases, and basic integrated pest management.

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