Clean Plants Certified Nurseries List:

Once a nursery has fulfilled all the requirements for certification, the Canadian Nursery Certification Institute (CNCI) will grant that nursery certification in the Clean Plants program. The nursery will then be entitled to use their Clean Plants stamp with their unique Clean Plants certification number. 

Nurseries who become certified in the Clean Plants program will appear on this list as they are approved. 

If a nursery fails to maintain their certification status, the CNCI may revoke their certification and remove the nursery from this list.

List is updated weekly

P. ramorum Certified Nurseries

As of 2012, the P. ramorum certification program has been integrated into the Clean Plants program.  Please view the list of Clean Plants Certified Nurseries.  Nurseries listed with the P. ramorum pest specific module have been sampled and tested as per the requirements of the Canadian P. ramorum Certification Program.

Certified Nurseries