Introduction to CNCI

The Canadian Nursery Certification Institute (CNCI) was founded in 2005. Developed by industry, it is the overall mandate of CNCI to administer nursery certification programs in Canada. It is the role of CNCI to:

Currently, the CNCI manages the Clean Plants Program, developed by the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association (CNLA).  The Clean Plants Program gives nurseries the option to add on pest specific modules, which include:

  • P. ramorum Certification Program, developed by the BC Nursery & Landscape Association (BCLNA)
  • C. buxicola Certification Program, developed in cooperation between CNLA and CNCI.

Audits by an accredited third party auditor are a key component of the Clean Plants program. 

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Nurseries who become certified in the Clean Plants program will appear on this list as they are approved. 

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Clean Plants Program

  • ​Approve industry-developed certification programs ​
  • Administer third-party audit and verification processes
  • Provide technical review of Certification Manuals
  • Provide technical review of audit reports
  • Grant certification status, and
  • Provide on-going maintenance and administrative services of all certification programs

Clean Plants

Canadian Nursery Certification Institute

List of Accredited Auditors

​​List of Certified Nurseries

There are several resources available to help nursery growers participate effectively in Clean Plants.

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